Best Gazebo Alternatives

We all know that a gazebo is a small house-type building in a garden that gives a comprehensive view of the nearby area. It connects people with each other, and it is the best way to do any type of gathering.

Moreover, gazebo features include events, parties, activities, tasks, etc. People have different options when it comes to choosing an outdoor shade structure. The best shade can be provided in terms of pergolas, arbors, gazebos, and pavilions.

Gazebos Alternatives

Some people do not want any types of gazebo in their backyard or garden due to pricing, preference, and carrying capacity. So, what can people do when they do not wish to have a gazebo in their backyard?

Therefore, people can also use alternatives instead of using a gazebo. This article will explain the gazebos alternatives in detail so you can buy them as per your preferences to make your backyard more attractive.

3 Most Popular Gazebo Alternatives

Best Gazebo Alternatives

1. Arbors

An arbor is made up of wood, and it is usually a short walk-through arched type structure that offers entrance and connection from one area of a backyard to another. However, most of the time, arbors are used as a structure for climbers. An arbor can also be defined as a smaller structure with latticed sides and a back that is built so that you can easily see it in your garden.


However, people sometimes get confused and assume arbors with small gazebos. These types of arbors which have seats are also known as Bowers. However, they also have climbing plants outside, which add more reliability to the design of the backyard.

Some smaller arbors have sides and backs that can be used as an excellent alternative to gazebos, especially for those with a small garden space. Moreover, there is a problem with arbors that their structure needs to be placed on the ground because this requires careful consideration depending on location, structure, and use.

Arbors provide shade in a backyard or garden and are also popular in outdoor wedding venues because of the lattice framework that is perfect for vines and climbing plants. However, arbors can be positioned at the backyard entrance, where privacy is preferred.

Arbors give privacy by screening vines, flowers, and plants to protect them from being seen directly. Moreover, they are used at backyard events or weddings and create a perfect place for people to socialize with others.

Indeed, they add beauty to the area, and it is a different place for you and your guests to relax. The price of arbors ranges from $1,430 and can go up to $4,075. However, some of the owners of the arbors are paying more as they add extra decorations to the arbors.

2. Pergolas

Pergolas are considered to be very cost-effective, and they are made with wood that provides a perfect structure for the garden. Furthermore, they are open and suitable for those areas where strong winds can cause damage to the structure.


The only problem with pergolas is the frequent requirement of painting by the people to maintain the structural reliability of the timber. Although, this covered the wooden structure through which plants are stuck and hard to remove. Also read a difference between pergola and gazebo.

Types of Pergola

There are two types of pergolas; stand-alone pergolas and lean-to pergolas.

2.1. Stand Alone Pergola

The stand-alone pergola is similar to a lean-to pergola but has an open slatted roof and is placed away from the brick structures. In the same way, they can be used to protect from direct sunlight to provide a shady shelter overhead.

2.2. Lean-to Pergolas

The lean-to pergola is also made from wood, but this type of pergola does not have sides. However, these pergolas have a solid roof that provides a passing area from the inside and outside.

If we talk about the price of a pergola, it fluctuates due to the size and materials used. For example, a 12×12 pergola starts at the expense of approximately $7,500; furthermore, if you put in lighting and other decorations, its price increases from $25,000 to $35,000, respectively.

3. Pavilions

A pavilion is a roofed structure with fully open sides and no built-in floor. In a pavilion, the roof is supported by 4-6 posts or sometimes more, which depends on the size. However, pavilions are mostly attached to a concrete base or a deck. Many pavilions are designed to be rectangular and long, whereas gazebos are oval or octagonal in shape.


Most of the time, pavilions are used as a seating area below, while a gazebo is more like a self-contained structure. However, people confuse pavilions with pergolas, but this is not true at all. Both pavilions and pergolas have differences between them.

If you see the pergolas roof, it is of open slats where pavilions are entirely closed from the roof side. Pavilions have a stylish look and are a great way to bring the party outside. Read a detailed comparison of pergola vs gazebo vs pavilion.

Pavilions are considered to be perfect when it comes to cooking. Moreover, you can cook even in the rain. The cost of pavilions varies, which starts from $25,000 and can reach $65,000 and even more. Therefore, when you add roofing materials like fans, lighting, and size, adding these things can increase the price.

Hence, gazebos are usually larger than pavilions. Pavilion’s size ranges from free-standing structures that can easily fit into a room due to their small size.

You may also be interested to read the comparison of wood vs metal vs aluminum gazebo.

Concluding Gazebo Alternatives Guide

Nowadays, there are many shapes and forms of pergolas, gazebos, pavilions, and arbors available according to the choice and preference of the people. Additionally, the sizes could be square and strong, flexible and curved, made of wood or steel roof gazebos, with beautiful plants and other materials added to them to make these all more attractive.

All these gazebo alternatives are perfect for increasing the attention and presentation of the backyard, garden, front yard, and patio. Thus, if you are planning a BBQ party or some other social gathering event with your friends outside, now you have in-depth information on gazebo alternatives with which you can get your hands on any of the following. 

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